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Global Off-Highway OEM, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing (USA)

Sector: Mobility
Location: USA


The US leadership team of a global off-highway OEM asked Miramar to support them on a major cultural transformation program within their Americas commercial function which required a new Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing. The business had significant challenges around effective team and performance management at a territory level and required more dynamic leadership able to re-engage the dealer network, drive motivation and re-define winning culture back into the DNA of the external sales teams.


We worked closely with the US executive management to fully understand historic and present cultural challenges within their commercial function. This involved several detailed briefing sessions to deep-dive into the internal and external factors impacting the business and the future vision for the organisation. We created a highly targeted search strategy focussed on competitor off-highway OEM’s and organisations in adjacent sectors who had successfully implemented comparable change programs. This required the identification of impactful executives with proven success in crises and change management.


  • 140 executives identified and six profiles shortlisted within four weeks
  • The search successfully concluded by week six.

Our work helped our client implement a successful cultural change program through the hire of a market leading turnaround specialist. The executive was able execute an organisational restructure and re-energise the sales function via effective leadership and performance management.

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Global Construction OEM, EMEA Head of Connectivity (Czech Republic)

Sector: Engineered Technology
Location: Czech Republic


Miramar was mandated by the global leadership team of a multi-billion Euro construction equipment OEM to secure an EMEA Head of Connectivity to develop their connected machines and telematic programs across the region. This required close cooperation with US and APAC counterparts to ensure a globally aligned program implementation, whilst integrating the dynamics and demands of the EMEA market.


The pool of executives with experience of building and scaling connectivity teams within the off-highway sector is limited. As such, our search strategy was to consider those within competitor organisations whilst broadening our search to include commercial vehicle OEM’s, consultancies, 3rd-party telematic vendor providers and other relevant equipment manufacturers that have successfully executed comparable programs.


  • Identified a longlist of 140 profiles
  • Four weeks to provide a shortlist of five resulting in a seven week from brief to hire search process
  • Provided invaluable market data on connectivity leadership talent pools across the commercial and off-highway sectors within the EMEA region

Our thorough search process secured a seasoned executive with extensive knowledge developing connected machine strategies and commercial revenue streams within on/off-road sectors.

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Global Off-Highway Equipment Business , Global Head of Electrification (Switzerland)

Sector: Mobility
Location: Switzerland


A global off-highway equipment OEM engaged us to help establish their development of fully electric and hybrid powertrain systems for off-highway equipment applications. They required a Global Head of Electrification to build and scale a team capable of developing a proven first prototype through to full-scale production within a defined time frame. The position required a blend of strong leadership and specific technical knowledge of electrified powertrain development.


Miramar defined a highly targeted search strategy focussed on off-highway and automotive OEM’s, tier one suppliers and consultancies all progressive in the field of electrification development. We mobilised a global search to identify executives with a blend of strong leadership and specific technical knowledge of electrified powertrain development. This required expanding our expertise and network within the sector whilst mapping/ identifying talent pools across the US, Europe, and Asia.


  • Production of detailed market intelligence of fully electrified and hybrid vehicle development within the off-highway sector
  • Highly targeted shortlist of six profiles delivered by week five
  • Provided compensation benchmarks across all key disciplines for full scale team build
  • A respected industry sector female executive with invaluable expertise in the field of electrified powertrain development and leadership
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Global Telecommunications Software and Services Vendor, CEO Speechwriter (London)

Sector: Digital Transformation
Location: London and Finland


Miramar was retained to relocate a resource closer to the European Head Quarters as the company looked to increase the prominence and communications of its senior leadership. We were asked to fulfill the unique and critical requirement for a keynote speechwriter for the CEO of a global tier-1 business.


The project provided the perfect opportunity to evidence the effectiveness of a structured search methodology in a previously uncharted market area. Miramar mapped the global speechwriter community, identifying individuals from political and corporate environments, as well as key community figureheads and associations that provided access to a profession that is still under-developed in European businesses compared to the US market.


  • In three weeks the global market was researched and a shortlist of candidates was delivered.
  • 142 candidates were identified and approached for the project.
  • Eight different countries where targeted where profiles were based.

The depth of our work enabled our client to select from a balanced shortlist of individuals operating at political leader or corporate executive level and to secure their primary candidate in under six weeks.


Cloud, Security and Applications Business; Various – Sales Transformation (EMEA)

Sector: Digital Transformation
Location: Spain, France, Turkey, Dubai, Israel


Our client, a leading application security vendor, had two pivotal challenges; growing their sales and technical organisation across EMEA in a candidate-driven market and transforming their business model to provide SaaS/Cloud solutions.


Miramar augmented our client’s internal talent acquisition team to take ownership of the end-to-end processes for multiple positions across EMEA. A proactive search campaign across competitor and adjacent markets targeted leadership, sales and technical talent, whilst Miramar captured critical client-requested data points from the high activity of candidate engagement to produce regional competitor insights. In addition to securing leadership, sales and technical talent, Miramar promoted our client’s SaaS/cloud strategy and value proposition to new talent demographics and informed our client on their reputational standing and competitive positioning in areas such as compensation. 


·        22 hires were executed across EMEA, with an additional three regional competitor insight reports

·        Our approach enabled our client to partner with Miramar as-a-service to effectively outsource major aspects of their sales transformation programme to secure the specialist leadership and talent needed to enable their business strategy

·        Optimizing what became thousands of data points through our market outreach ensured we were able to provide broader value through the insight that informed their onward competitive positioning.

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Tier 1 Global Payments Provider, Vice President of Data Science & AI (Pan EMEA and APAC)

Sector: Technology Innovation
Location: Dubai


Our client has invested globally in state-of-the-art Data Science centers. The centers use cutting edge technologies and models to provide competitive edge and innovation through insights delivered internally and through consulting to customers. The challenge for our customer was to identify and attract, in a highly competitive market place a diverse shortlist of senior executives capable of impacting three key pillars: commercially focused customer engagement, service/solution creation, market evangelism.


Miramar was chosen for its track record of providing cross-sector insight in new high-demand innovation markets. Our strategy was to profile organizations that are the global leaders at the forefront of using data science and artificial intelligence for competitive advantage. The search profiled organizations across prime sectors including FinTech & Payments, Banking, Retail, E-Commerce, Consumer, Technology and Consulting. The search spanned EMEA, Asia and North America in pursuit of the transformational leadership sought.


  • 100% diverse shortlist
  • Detailed coverage of EMEA, APAC, and key North American sights to inform decision making
  • High profile executive appointed

Miramar helped shape communications to the market and was successful in attracting a strong 100% diverse shortlist in an environment where diverse talent is at an all-time premium and beginning to fatigue through volume of contact and opportunity.

Miramar supported its customer to fully comprehend the data science and AI leadership landscape, identifying and attracting executives capable of delivering against the positions three strategic pillars for success. The first-choice hire was made successfully.