Multiple Hires – Continuous Improvement Project (France, Germany)

Sector: Advanced Manufacturing & Natural Resources
Location: France, Germany


The client, a global privately owned agricultural and food production firm completed a Continuous Improvement programme across one of its business units that consisted of four operational hubs across Europe. This led the senior leadership to review the current management structure they had in play on these sites as well as supplement the current leadership teams. In total this was eleven live senior mandates across maintenance, production, EHS and Manufacturing in two countries and four production sites.


The remote location and restricted candidate pool (on some positions) required Miramar to conduct a genuinely global search looking to qualify, interview and expatriate several high performing candidates from locations such as Brazil, Morocco and Tunisia.

Due to the volume of hires, the strategy was centred on a combination of quality and quantity to achieve the successful outcome the client desired.


  • Shortlist completed on all 11 mandates, with an auxiliary hire selected from high calibre candidates
  • Market representation of the brand across Europe with over 1000 candidates approached
  • Abundance of relevant market data for the client on salary, package, availability, competition

The complex nature of the project aligned with the solutions driven by Miramar have led the senior stakeholders and internal talent teams to review how they source a project of this scale in future.


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