Multi-billion dollar performance material business, Head of Product Stewardship EMEA

Sector: Science, Nutrition & Sustainability
Location: EMEA


The company, a multibillion-dollar investment owned performance material business, was going through a transformation process across the global product stewardship and REACH organisation. A new Vice President brought a compelling vision for the global group. The challenge was to hire a high performing Product Stewardship leader for EMEA who could bring the technical expertise alongside excellent people leadership and develop skills. The critical aspect of “fit” and the interpersonal skills to shape and develop a dispersed team were at the top of the agenda.


The technical requirements of this profile, with REACH deadlines approaching and the essential technical and regulatory knowledge required to be effective in this role, meant a focussed process of research, networking and sourcing across related businesses in the specialty chemicals market. Through this process the profiles were identified, engaged and attracted to the role. They were then extensively assessed to determine the suitability of their leadership and soft skills in order to be effective in the role and to fit the culture of the business.


  • Shortlist of highly qualified candidates delivered within 30 days
  • Shortlist to offer conversion 100%
  • Additional hire made into the REACH group through this process
  • Using the Prism Brainmapping tool, combined with our assessment, the team were able to form a clear understanding of the individual’s fit to the organisation. This insight provided a detailed understanding of the manner in which their behaviours would positively enable the team to grow and develop in line with the new strategy.
  • Our client has been able to get an in-depth understanding of the talent pool available in product stewardship and to hire an individual who brings significant technical knowledge, as well as the experience of shaping and developing a high performing dispersed expert organisation.


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