Multi-billion-dollar medical device company, Head of Infusion Programs

Sector: Science, Nutrition & Sustainability
Location: USA

The Challenge:

Our client, a global market leader in the medical device industry, was embarking upon a highly complex, large-scale new product development initiative: to build a new category of products, based around infusion therapy, to enable rapid growth for one of its key businesses. Given the significance of this undertaking, they required a candidate with a proven track-record of leading NPD programs from concept phase to and beyond commercial launch. This leader would need to possess exceptional organizational skills, the ability to prioritize and delegate effectively, create a clear vision for the program, whilst influencing and managing both internal and external stakeholders. Additionally, it was imperative that this person come from a strong engineering background in order to question and even challenge the R&D organization as necessary.

The Solution:

Miramar created a tailored search strategy to map the top relevant talent in three areas:

1. Direct competitors to this business unit
2. Players in adjacent segments to this business within the medical device industry
3. Device organizations within Pharma companies who’ve made significant investments in internal engineering teams

We crafted a unique messaging strategy and tied that to a persistent outreach cadence to attract candidates to the role, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, we developed a custom behavioral interview to assess candidates’ competency in areas such as execution, leadership, technical acumen, and organizational awareness.

The Result

  • 239 candidates we identified, with 215 of them reached
  • Over 15 qualified candidates presented and considered by our client
  • A bona fide expert in this business’ space was ultimately selected and secured
  • Invaluable data for the client was gathered, regarding competitive intelligence, employer brand, candidate behaviours (within the lens of the pandemic) and more.


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