Multi-billion-dollar, global automotive aftermarket supplier, Executive Finance Director

Sector: Mobility
Location: Detroit, USA


Two global, multi-billion-dollar automotive suppliers merged and were in the process of spinning-out a new company made from the combined strengths of both businesses. This new company would present the market with a fresh, exciting brand, poised for significant growth. As part of this, it required an exceptional finance executive capable of analyzing the business and providing data-driven consultation to leadership. The Executive Director’s mandate was to drive enhanced decision-making and strategy development across the commercial, operating and engineering functions.


We developed a search strategy to identify the key finance leaders at the divisional level within the top aftermarket and OE suppliers across North America, with a focus on Detroit. We successfully sought out executives with extensive experience serving as a trusted advisor to their businesses, who use data to inform strategy and have a proven ability to build trust and work across complex organizations. These candidates had significant experience working globally, within a business unit and across various functions of the business. Additionally, we needed to ensure they matched the culture of our client, who was making a deliberate effort to achieve a certain environment in the new company.


  • 83 candidates identified and assessed across 32 target organizations.
  • Due to an urgent need to fill the position, a shortlist of 4 qualified candidates was delivered within 2 weeks, along with an additional 4 candidates by week 5 of the search.
  • The Executive Finance Director was hired within 6 weeks of starting the search and an additional candidate from the initial short list was selected for a Corporate Finance Director position.


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