INSIGHTS Diversity Programme: Creating a sustainable, diverse talent pool for critical manufacturing and commercial functions for a major multinational

Sector: Advanced Manufacturing
Location: Global


Our client is a global leader in materials science and a market leader in the domains of pulp & paper and industrial water. They support some of the world’s largest manufacturers and process industry companies to operate effectively, efficiently and in the most sustainable manner possible. As part of their diversity and inclusion strategy, the HR Leaders identified business critical functions in which they wanted to ensure that they are in a strong position to be able to recruit from a genuinely diverse talent pool. Once this group was identified, their vision was to invest in building relationships with those individuals before there was an official recruitment need, using the opportunity to educate them about their brand and career opportunities in the business. Through this they are able to move at speed when the need arises, with access to an existing high quality, diverse talent pool.


We partnered with our client to define the talent strategy that would enable them to access high quality diverse talent in selected commercial and manufacturing functions. This involved a detailed review of the relevant companies in their competitive landscape, their supply chain and adjacent markets across North America. We identified and proactively engaged with the talent pool to assess their suitability and their interest level to build an extensive talent pool in three specialist commercial functions and two key manufacturing leadership functions, namely Plant Management and EHS Leadership.


  • The output of the project is both a detailed analysis of the diverse talent pool amongst the competitors in each functional area, alongside an active network who our client and their HR and Talent Acquisition team are engaging with.
  • Alongside the output, the report provided a survey and recommendations for what the company can do to better attract and retain a greater diversity of talent.
  • The business is able to deliver on their diversity & inclusion strategy by being able to access a qualified, high quality diverse talent pool in specialist, business critical functions.
  • Within weeks of completion, individuals from the candidate group were actively participating in our clients’ recruitment processes. We have partnered closely with HR leaders and Talent Acquisition to help them to navigate and engage proactively with the qualified talent.
  • Individuals across the talent pool have been able to build their picture of the company, business culture and the potential career opportunities through invitations to attend corporate events and communications. In so doing, they are now receptive to learn more and consider opportunities from a business that they knew little of beforehand.
Sample Insights Output:


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