Head of Insulin Pump Operations, Leading Diabetes Care Company

Sector: MedTech
Location: Global


Our client, a historic market-shaper in the insulin delivery space, was in the midst of developing a differentiated, next-generation insulin pump. As they moved through the product development process, they identified the need for a more senior Operations leader.

They were developing a highly complex, electro-mechanical, and disposable device that administered an incredibly potent drug. It was different from anything our client had built before, and they lacked the expertise to develop manufacturing processes and design tests that would guarantee the utmost quality, while allowing for the product to be produced at the lowest cost.


At the outset, Miramar had detailed conversations with the hiring team to understand what this person must bring to the table. Experientially, this person had to have brought a high-volume production, electro-mechanical, ideally wearable, medical device from pre-design freeze, through manufacturing scale up, regulatory approval, and into successful market launch. What’s more, they needed to have accomplished this in partnership with an external manufacturing partner. As far as leadership characteristics, our client needed someone who was high on accountability and could instill a sense of urgency in the team.

Given the specificity of the requirements, there were ultimately only a handful of companies Miramar selected as targets. We mapped Operations talent across all companies that had successfully developed and scaled disposable, electro-mechanical or sensing devices. With the small size of the talent pool, it was crucial that we effectively sold the opportunity to candidates. To do this, we applied a highly tailored approach strategy to our top priority candidates.


We helped our client secure one of the only Operations leaders in the world to have ever scaled production of such a product for people living with Diabetes. This person had accomplished the same goal for the only established player in the market, whom our client would be competing against. Our client was elated to have hired such a leader, as they recognized the competitive advantage they’d receive compared to other new entrants in scaling quickly and avoiding roadblocks.


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