Global Telecommunications Software Provider, Global Lead for Cognitive Analytics Practice (Pan EMEA)

Sector: Technology Innovation
Location: UK


The organisation sought to build a global analytics consulting business, working with its largest service provider customers. The business sought to understand the leadership quality in cognitive analytics across major software, consulting and strategy houses, as well as understand whether those businesses were truly delivering cognitive capability to their customers.


Miramar provided a service to segment the analytics market into predictive, prescriptive and cognitive, which led us to focus on the correct organizations and executives across the market. The service went on to interrogate the market and create a detailed a heat-map of where high-performance leadership was located globally.


  • Shortlist within four weeks
  • Competitor intelligence on analytics capability
  • Customer insight: identification of pre-existing cognitive analytics capability within major customers

Miramar assisted the company to fully comprehend the breadth and limitations of the cognitive analytics market. The heat-map allowed our customer to locate the business unit in the right country, rather than pre-determining location and reducing probability of success. The result was a global leadership hire to lead the new cognitive analytics practice.


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