Global Pricing Leader, global automotive aftermarket supplier

Sector: Automotive
Location: USA

Our client was the resulting spin-off company from the merger of two global, multi-billion-dollar automotive suppliers. This new company presented the market with a fresh and exciting brand, poised for significant growth. As the executive team assessed the critical functions for the new company to be successful, they required an exceptional pricing executive, capable of working with business unit leaders worldwide to develop pricing strategies to maximize revenue growth management. The Global Pricing Leader’s mandate was to develop and implement dynamic pricing strategies across the commercial functions world-wide.

As the hiring manager felt industry best demonstrated the dynamic pricing models to propel the strategy into the future, we developed a search strategy to identify the key pricing leaders across the CPG industry. We successfully sought out executives with extensive experience in serving as trusted advisor to their businesses, with a track record of initiating dynamic pricing programs. These candidates had significant experience executing across a global footprint and had succeeded in transforming to from a cost-plus pricing model to dynamic consumer-based demand pricing, which required a paradigm shift throughout various functions of the business. In addition, we needed to ensure that this person had the executive presence and influence to succeed in a fluid, evolving culture.

Due to an urgent need to fill the position, a short list of three qualified candidates was delivered within three weeks. After an extensive screening and interview process, the ideal mix of experience, commercial acumen & industry knowledge was acquired, and the Global Pricing Leader search was successfully concluded.


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