Global MedTech Market Leader, VP Research & Development

Sector: Technology and Engineering
Location: USA

The Challenge:

Our client, a multi-billion-dollar medical device company, required a seasoned technology and engineering executive to lead a widespread transformation of culture and focus within their fastest growing business unit. While the VP would inherit a high-performing team, an evolution of how they thought about and approached innovation was necessary to further accelerate revenue and market share growth.

Leading a large-global team within one of the industry’s largest corporations, the successful candidate would be highly capable of driving successful change at scale, whilst possessing the organizational skills to operate at speed within a complex and highly matrixed environment. At the forefront of this they required a leader who could put the people, process and technology in place to enable the systematic and consistent introduction of exciting, easily adopted, new products and technologies to the market.

The Solution:

Miramar designed a customized strategy to identify the companies and individuals with a track-record of frequent and successful product releases. This focused in on those individuals with a reputation and proven capability of driving change. We devised a strategy that included targeting executive R&D leaders within direct competitors, within the same or similar value-chains, as well as those in adjacent players within the broader MedTech landscape, who met our criteria for innovation. We tied this plan to a messaging strategy that positioned the need for change as an opportunity to have influence and considerable impact for one of the most-well respected companies in the industry. An outreach campaign was deployed which involved the relentless pursuit of the best candidates in the market.

The Result:

  • Extensive coverage of the market and high percentage of candidate engagement – Over 400 potential candidates identified and 88% of them engaged with us – guaranteed our client got the right candidate.
  • A highly qualified candidate with a track record of innovation and change-management was secured following a thorough and comprehensive interview process.
  • Invaluable market and competitive intelligence was harvested and presented to our client


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