Global Marketing Leader, Healthcare for FTSE100 Specialty Chemical company

Sector: Global Marketing Leader, Healthcare for FTSE100 Specialty Chemical company
Location: Global


Our client, a global specialty chemicals organization, is in the process of constructing a greenfield site with their joint venture partner in China. Due to travel restrictions they needed to make a critical hire locally in China to support the technical integrity of the construction and ensure that they could enable accurate technology transfer from the UK Headquarters.

The ideal candidate needed to have experience working for both western corporations in a role requiring global stakeholder engagement whilst also bring experience of delivering commissioning programme in China. It was essential that they be able to speak fluent English and Mandarin to be able to effectively support and influence in both environments.



Our solutions started with focusing on the chemical and specialty chemicals businesses that were based in China. To ensure full coverage of potential talent, we also researched EPC businesses as this area of the market is buoyant with strong engineering and commissioning talent, however, might lack the full project scope. We wanted to investigate opportunities to find people with diversified backgrounds that included a mix of both EPC and chemicals knowledge. The role was seen as highly sought attractive to the market but there was limited talent available with the relevant background criteria; many candidates has been responsible for commissioning in their careers but without experience of next stage engineering on a plant.

The market for an ideal candidate was restricted which meant we needed to think outside of the box and look at candidates who fit most of the criteria but maybe lacked in other areas. Our solution provided a clear view of the talent options in engineering and commissioning in the specialty chemical market across China, including both expat and local talent.



We were able to identify 5 profiles from our search strategy criteria, ultimately finding the ideal candidate who was in many ways a “unicorn profile”. Our candidate came from the chemicals industry, was an expat based out of China and spoke fluent Mandarin. Their experience also fit all the relevant skill sets our client required as well as being an excellent cultural fit with the business.

To conclude, the search was a huge success which was made possible through various screenings on Miramar’s side and close interactions with the client on market information and insights.


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