FPGA, Leadership in 5G

Sector: Global Telecoms
Location: United States


Miramar was retained by a leading firm in the global telecommunications infrastructure and services sector. They already had sector leading, globally distributed engineering teams but strategic decisions were required on where to invest in expansion of their engineering teams, with particular emphasis on the need to build out FPGA expertise.  The client instructed Miramar to provide a brief of market intelligence on talent availability within 5G development teams across competing organisations, with a particular emphasis on FPGA. The aim was to highlight where there were areas of leadership talent specifically within the industry, and to build awareness for internal intelligence on with whom and what geographies that talent was located within to inform their engineering growth strategy.



Miramar delivered the intelligence on leadership talent for succession planning by using several different techniques: reviewing direct competitors in the 5G ecosystem, but also deep diving tangential markets that also utilise FPGA technology and skill sets. These included automotive, industrial and MedTech. By engaging with the leadership of these businesses, we were able to understand organisational structure, current and projected compensation levels and current and future 5G strategies. This process was particularly challenging as many of the organisations targeted require their staff to maintain strict confidentiality. Using systematic, research, networking and interviewing methodologies, we were able to identify where the correct calibre of leadership talent was currently placed.



Focussing on the initial brief, we presented our client with detailed findings. These included talent maps and intelligence on more than 40 companies that had specific reference to FPGA expertise and leadership roles within the 5G technology space, therefore providing a targeted list of who would be a suitable to approach to fulfil their leadership role requirements.


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