Big Four, Equity Partner, Cloud Transformation & Technology Strategy

Sector: Technology Strategy and Digital Transformation
Location: Australia


Having hired over 80 individuals for a Big-Four Advisory firm, Miramar were engaged to support Partner hiring in APAC.

The firm needed to rapidly scale practices such-as Cloud to support their own clients who were reacting to the challenges & opportunities due to the pandemic.

To support these ambitions, the firm needed to hire an individual already at Partner level in another consulting firm, preferably with experience working in Australia. This person needed to have proven cloud & technology transformation experience, having worked directly with end clients and led internal practices to deliver successful programmes of work.

We were also tasked with providing an understanding into the availability of talent globally, of both returning citizens and individuals with hot skills, who could immediately add value to existing work streams and the future growth of the business.


The Miramar team approached this challenge by combining the expertise of our global colleagues in the US, UK and APAC, leveraging our knowledge of the competitor landscape and our track record of hiring Equity Partners and building practices within their own firm and other Consulting Firms.

We also leveraged our experience of supporting corporate clients through cloud and business model transformations, through our understanding of the talent required to do so.

Miramar has a unique value proposition to collaborate as one globally connected team to; Identify, Engage, Assess the right candidates. As a result; the first candidate we shortlisted to the firm in APAC was appointed as an Equity Partner. We supported the firm and the candidate through the resignation process and family relocation back to Australia, which involved additional steps due to the pandemic.


Our client was able to hire a returning Citizen who was previously a Managing Director within a target organization in New York. By hiring a returning Citizen, the firm believe that this person will integrate faster and more successfully, creating a win-win for the firm and their clients.

Miramar’s prior relationship with this client, combined with our global reach and experience of guiding clients and candidates through remote processes allowed us to deliver a successful result for all parties.

As a result the firm has asked Miramar to provide support on multiple Equity Partner hires for the new financial year starting July 2021.


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