APAC Operations Director, Global Specialty Chemicals Company

Sector: APAC Operations Director, Global Specialty Chemicals company
Location: China


Our client, a global specialty chemical company that helps create innovative formulations for consumers and industrial markets, needed a critical hire based in Shanghai, China to manage their plant operations in 4 locations while reporting to the HQ in the U.S. The ideal candidate would have experience working for Western corporations in a role requiring global stakeholder engagement and driving strategic and consistent standardization and processes. They must develop programs to improve safety, enhance customer focus, and implement the most effective technologies at lowest manufacturing cost to enable sustainable growth in the region. This individual would ideally speak fluent English and Mandarin to be able to support and influence in both environments effectively.



Our solution began with focus on the Western chemical and specialty chemical businesses that were based in China. To ensure full coverage of potential talent, we researched pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses, as this area is buoyant with strong operations talent. The role was perceived as a highly sought after opportunity to the market, but there was limited talent available with the relevant criteria. The market for an ideal candidate was restricted, which required us to think creatively and approach candidates who qualified for most of the criteria but potentially lacked in other areas. This solution provided a clear view of the talent options in the specialty chemical market across China, including both expat and local talent.



Our team were able to identify 6 profiles from our search strategy criteria, ultimately finding the ideal candidate who was in many ways the “perfect profile” our Client had asked for among the 160+ identified potential candidates. Our candidate came from the specialty chemicals industry, was a local talent based in the southern part of China and spoke fluent English and Mandarin. His experience also fitted all relevant skill sets required, as well as being an excellent cultural fit with the business.

The search was an enormous success, which was made possible through various screenings on Miramar’s side and maintaining close interactions with the client on market information and insights.


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