Bio-Industrial Technology Producer, General Sales Manager and Commercial Team build APAC (China, Singapore, Indonesia)

Sector: Science, Nutrition and Sustainability
Location: Beijing, Indonesia, Singapore


The business acquired a company five years earlier that enabled them to dominate the North American market in their field and expand into EMEA. The technology is a specialist product that enables the development of ‘green transformers’, so it is critical in contributing to a more sustainable future. The broader opportunity existed in APAC; in particular, China where there is significantly more capacity coming online. The challenge was to understand the talent pool, to identify individuals capable of rapidly growing this division of a major US multinational.


The company adopted a channel pull-through model. This required their sales and technical service teams to have excellent technical and market understanding, whilst also being well networked with the channel and with the end customers to drive and enable the sales opportunity.

Our process analysed the International corporates operating across the channel who sell specialist technology into the target market; namely the power utilities and industrial manufacturers.

Through extensive interviews, we assessed experience, network, capability and of equal importance their ability to operate effectively in a US multinational, in which communication, influencing and organisational awareness are critical skills.


  • Short lists delivered within 30 days for all searches
  • Candidates hired from the short list and in post within 90 days

The business was able to hire a hands-on General Sales Manager for China and an expert team of both technical sales and business development managers to drive growth in the respective market segments. The process was then expanded to hire a further commercial leader for South East Asia, based out of Singapore – plus one additional sales lead for Indonesia.


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