Global commodity and specialty material manufacturer, Aquaculture FSQR Manager (USA)

Sector: Science, Nutrition & Sustainability
Location: British Columbia


A multi-billion-dollar conglomerate asked Miramar to assist with finding a critical role within one of their fast-growing Animal Feed business segments. They were seeking a highly specialized position with the right leadership skills. Specifically, a Director of Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory for their Aquaculture business. In addition to finding the right balance between unique technical skills and leadership qualities, there were geographic challenges to attracting the right talent pool. Despite their best efforts, the client’s internal talent acquisition team struggled to fill the position. Two different contingency firms were brought in to assist, but with no success. By the time the client contacted Miramar, the role had been open for over a year. It became critical to the growth of the business to fill the role with top quality talent.


We worked closely with the client to identify the critical components they were seeking in the role and what adjacent skill sets and markets they would consider viable. We then conducted an extensive market mapping exercise on the competitive landscape and geography to identify the most robust talent pools we should explore. We presented and gained buy-in with the client on a comprehensive search strategy that addressed their needs and served to ensure focus as the search progressed.

Using our technology platform with the client to assure speed and accuracy, we simultaneously leveraged our talent network and utilised a compelling Employer Value Proposition based outbound campaign to attract the strongest pool of candidates. As a representative of our client Company, we actively managed the candidate experience to ensure they remained engaged in the process and were on call 24/7 to address any questions or concerns.


  • Within 31 days a short list of candidates was produced
  • Within 41 days, candidates were screened and interviewed with key stakeholders
  • The candidate was provided and officially accepted a written offer 62 days after the search commenced.

This position had been open for over a year; the client was pleased at the speed, thoroughness and active candidate engagement of Miramar to provide a top talent and diverse hire that met their expectations and has the bandwidth to grow within the company.


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