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INSIGHTS Diversity Programme: Creating a sustainable, diverse talent pool for critical manufacturing and commercial functions for a major multinational


Our client is a global leader in materials science and a market leader in the domains of pulp & paper and industrial water. They support some of the world’s largest manufacturers and process industry companies to operate effectively, efficiently and in the most sustainable manner possible. As part of their diversity and inclusion strategy, the HR Leaders identified business critical functions in which they wanted to ensure that they are in a strong position to be able to recruit from a genuinely diverse talent pool. Once this group was identified, their vision was to invest in building relationships with those individuals before there was an official recruitment need, using the opportunity to educate them about their brand and career opportunities in the business. Through this they are able to move at speed when the need arises, with access to an existing high quality, diverse talent pool.


We partnered with our client to define the talent strategy that would enable them to access high quality diverse talent in selected commercial and manufacturing functions. This involved a detailed review of the relevant companies in their competitive landscape, their supply chain and adjacent markets across North America. We identified and proactively engaged with the talent pool to assess their suitability and their interest level to build an extensive talent pool in three specialist commercial functions and two key manufacturing leadership functions, namely Plant Management and EHS Leadership.


  • The output of the project is both a detailed analysis of the diverse talent pool amongst the competitors in each functional area, alongside an active network who our client and their HR and Talent Acquisition team are engaging with.
  • Alongside the output, the report provided a survey and recommendations for what the company can do to better attract and retain a greater diversity of talent.
  • The business is able to deliver on their diversity & inclusion strategy by being able to access a qualified, high quality diverse talent pool in specialist, business critical functions.
  • Within weeks of completion, individuals from the candidate group were actively participating in our clients’ recruitment processes. We have partnered closely with HR leaders and Talent Acquisition to help them to navigate and engage proactively with the qualified talent.
  • Individuals across the talent pool have been able to build their picture of the company, business culture and the potential career opportunities through invitations to attend corporate events and communications. In so doing, they are now receptive to learn more and consider opportunities from a business that they knew little of beforehand.
Sample Insights Output:

Global market leader in full-stack autonomous driving technology, VP Hardware

The Challenge:

Our client, a global market leader in full-stack autonomous driving technology, required a seasoned engineering executive to lead worldwide hardware development. Having recently established a significant partnership with a leading car maker, they specifically needed a Head of Hardware capable of overseeing the design and development of cutting-edge compute, sensing and vehicle systems. Furthermore, it was imperative that this leader could ensure that hardware would succeed in a historically software-driven company, thereby adjusting the perspective on hardware internally. It was vital that the VP Hardware possess technical breadth across the full scope of a passenger car, leading global teams of mechanical, electrical, systems, integration and testing engineers.

The Solution:

Miramar developed a targeted search strategy that focused on direct and adjacent competitors who were building autonomous driving platforms for consumer-owned vehicles: “robo-taxis” and self-driving shuttles, car manufacturers’ horizontal AV and ADAS R&D groups and their vertical vehicle line engineering heads, and Tier 1 suppliers focused on AD and ADAS platforms. Miramar crafted a tailored interview to assess candidates’ abilities in areas such as innovation, execution, cultural change and technical leadership to qualify candidates effectively. Additionally, we deployed an innovative messaging strategy to generate candidate interest, and tied this to a persistent and multi-channel outreach cadence – ultimately attracting leaders from some of the most exciting automotive technology companies in the world.

The Result:

  • Fully mapped a tight market of legitimately credentialed individuals, identifying over 100 candidates.
  • Developed deep understanding of where many of our client’s competitors, customers and value-chain collaborators were focusing their efforts with respect to autonomous driving.
  • Identified and secured for our client an executive with an extensive track-record of leading engineering across the full scope of the vehicle, with a focus on advanced technologies like self-driving and active safety.

Multi-billion-dollar medical device company, Head of Infusion Programs

The Challenge:

Our client, a global market leader in the medical device industry, was embarking upon a highly complex, large-scale new product development initiative: to build a new category of products, based around infusion therapy, to enable rapid growth for one of its key businesses. Given the significance of this undertaking, they required a candidate with a proven track-record of leading NPD programs from concept phase to and beyond commercial launch. This leader would need to possess exceptional organizational skills, the ability to prioritize and delegate effectively, create a clear vision for the program, whilst influencing and managing both internal and external stakeholders. Additionally, it was imperative that this person come from a strong engineering background in order to question and even challenge the R&D organization as necessary.

The Solution:

Miramar created a tailored search strategy to map the top relevant talent in three areas:

1. Direct competitors to this business unit
2. Players in adjacent segments to this business within the medical device industry
3. Device organizations within Pharma companies who’ve made significant investments in internal engineering teams

We crafted a unique messaging strategy and tied that to a persistent outreach cadence to attract candidates to the role, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, we developed a custom behavioral interview to assess candidates’ competency in areas such as execution, leadership, technical acumen, and organizational awareness.

The Result

  • 239 candidates we identified, with 215 of them reached
  • Over 15 qualified candidates presented and considered by our client
  • A bona fide expert in this business’ space was ultimately selected and secured
  • Invaluable data for the client was gathered, regarding competitive intelligence, employer brand, candidate behaviours (within the lens of the pandemic) and more.

Global MedTech market leader, Head of Digital Health R&D

The Challenge:

Our client, a multi-billion-dollar medical device company, required a seasoned technology and engineering executive to guide their journey to becoming a leader in Digital Health. A uniquely structured role, the position had direct responsibility for the development of complex, next-generation solutions, across hardware, software and data analytics & AI.

Specifically, the Digital Health R&D leader was tasked with designing a connected device platform hardware architecture to span across all chronic care portfolios, building patient-centric web and mobile apps with intuitive UIs and enhanced functionality, as well as developing machine learning algorithms to enable personalized recommendations and automation. Furthermore, our client was in the early-stage of building their strength as an organization in these domains, and as such, the role demanded SME-level expertise across each of these disciplines, combined with a remarkable ability to build and develop teams around a clear and motivating vision.

The Solution:

The key to successfully determining the right candidates for this role was identifying organizations that set up their engineering groups in a similar fashion – putting Electrical Engineering, Firmware, Software and Analytics under a single leader. We discovered that this could typically be found in three areas:

  • Mid and large-cap medical device firms that couched this type of group within the broader R&D organization of a particular business unit, focused on drug delivery, monitoring, diagnostic or imaging solutions.
  • Pharma companies that have invested in internal resources for device development. Specifically, those companies that have developed, internally or through partnership, smart devices like inhalers, insulin pens, and more.
  • Small-cap and start up MedTech companies that were either “digital-native” or heavily invested in digital technology, whose senior-most R&D executives possessed the technical knowledge, leadership and business acumen required for the job.

We developed a creative messaging strategy to attract candidates to the role, despite the great economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic, and tied that to a regular and persistent outreach cadence.. In addition, we designed a tailored interview to assess candidates’ depth of expertise in the relevant domains, ability to build teams and culture, and to lead engineers through unfamiliar and highly complex technical challenges.

The Result:

  • Over 100 candidates from the top Medical Device, Pharma and HealthTech companies were identified
  • A shortlist of 5 qualified candidates was presented within 3 weeks
  • Within 90 days a candidate was secured, with unique breadth of experience working in both one of the top medical equipment companies in the world as well as one of the top data science and AI research labs in the world.

Global Telecommunications Infrastructure & Solutions Business, Head of Technical Sales EMEA

Miramar was retained by the CTO of one of the leading global telecommunications infrastructure and solutions businesses, who were looking to appoint a Head of Technical Sales for the business in EMEA. Our client was seeking a technology leader who would engage with the business’ customers at C-Level as part of their transformation to cloud, 5G and software infrastructure and who would be a valued consultant and a trusted advisor, defining technology roadmaps and influencing the key decision-makers on our client’s behalf.

Our search focused on finding an executive with deep telecommunications solutions and strategy expertise, with evidence of significant success within one of the leading communications service providers. Focusing our search on the major EMEA-based mobile operators, we targeted individuals with a breadth of experience across strategy, architecture, business development and consultancy. Within two weeks Miramar provided our client with a benchmark candidate to interview and then a total of five shortlist candidates within five weeks from start. Our focus was on providing a range of profiles, all with technology, consulting, business development and strategy expertise, but each having a different emphasis.

The preferred candidate was successfully onboarded without in-person interview, due to Covid-19, and has recently joined our client’s business in this high profile and critical role.


Market leader in the global automotive aftermarket, Vice President, Human Resources

Our client is the resulting spin-off company of the merger of two global, multi-billion-dollar automotive suppliers. This new business will present the market with a fresh, exciting brand, poised for significant growth. The executive team required an exceptional Human Resources Leader to partner with the division President, in order to develop and execute Global Human Resources strategies for a manufacturing organization. This position would be responsible for 18,000 team members and span more than 50 facilities in over 20 countries.
The search began in the early stages of the COVID 19 pandemic. This required a creative and sensitive approach to HR executives who were handling unprecedented issues. Our client also required a diverse list of shortlisted candidates.

Miramar developed a search strategy to identify key HR leaders across the manufacturing industry. We successfully sought out executives with extensive experience, serving as trusted advisor to the executive team and to the business units, with experience leading HR functions in global markets.
The selection process was conducted on a purely remote basis up to the final stage of interviews.

Despite the challenges created by the global pandemic, a 100% diverse shortlist of four qualified candidates was delivered within six weeks, and after an intensive screening process, the Vice President of Human Resources was selected.