Technology Company – Cashless Transactions, Vice President of Product Management (USA)

Sector: Technology Innovation
Location: Philadelphia


The leadership team of a technology company, who is a leader in secure, unattended cashless transactions for the self-serve retail market asked us to embark on a search to find their first Vice President of Product Management. The customer was not precisely sure what the right candidate profile would look like and thus wanted to take a long view to make sure they had a 360-degree perspective. They wanted a market map over a 90-day period.

As the payments industry expands, this is the right time for business leaders and organizations to identify opportunities and invest in innovation. Artificial intelligence allows brands to better synthesize data and incorporate those learnings to improve the commerce experience and drive customer experience and loyalty in new ways. A priority was using data collection to build on customer engagement services, helping their clients establish a more meaningful connection with consumers in ways that build brand loyalty and create return customers and drive recurring sales. Our mission was to identify a leader who would bring innovation and process to the organization and drive first to market product launches.


We focused on identifying candidates from the FinTech space who had a pulse on the market and understood what drives consumer behaviors. A strong leader with a clear vision to establish and drive processes that would help the organization quantify opportunities.


  • A short list developed in six weeks; a 360-degree short list within ninety days
  • Delivered and hired the Vice President Product Management and the additional appointment of the Director Product Management
  • Rolled out Agile three-week sprints in first 60 days of hire

Our work helped the client build a team that is not waiting for change to happen to them. They are already busy capturing advantage by evolving business strategies, operating models, systems and cultures. With a new generation of customers emerging and an emphasis on experiences beyond the transaction, our client is positioned well to be a game changer in the industry.

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Privately Traded Technology Company for cashless unattended retail – FinTech, Chief Product Officer (USA)

Sector: Technology Innovation
Location: Boston


A venture-funded start-up was looking to find a dynamic and innovative Chief Product Officer to lead the development, engineering, and manufacturing of a next-generation internet connected oven.


We worked with the CEO and his management team to define the key attributes needed in a CPO in order to drive this business from prototype to production. To accomplish the company objectives, Miramar worked closely with an engineering consulting firm to understand the key skills needed, then worked quickly to identify pools of candidates from the adjacent markets of consumer electronics, household and commercial appliance manufacturing. Our client required a technologist with commercialization experience and exposure to China. We worked collaboratively to develop the search strategy document, identify the key innovators in the market and approach the talent pool.


  • Shortlist of technology innovators identified within CPG and global manufacturing within 30 days.
  • We created a talent pool of hands-on technologists whose passion was invention, new product development and incubation.
  • The client had a difficult decision and found themselves debating over two finalists. This resulted in the Chief Product Officer placements and a new Strategic Board Member.

Our work helped to transform the client’s approach to innovation, both from an internal perspective and in the way that it engages with external partners. The pool of candidates that we identified resulted in a hire with key existing relationships that resulted in an accelerated development cycle. It was the extensive nature of our research and the collaborative approach offered by our technology platform that gave the customer optimal confidence.

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Global commodity and specialty material manufacturer, Aquaculture FSQR Manager (USA)

Sector: Science, Nutrition & Sustainability
Location: British Columbia


A multi-billion-dollar conglomerate asked Miramar to assist with finding a critical role within one of their fast-growing Animal Feed business segments. They were seeking a highly specialized position with the right leadership skills. Specifically, a Director of Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory for their Aquaculture business. In addition to finding the right balance between unique technical skills and leadership qualities, there were geographic challenges to attracting the right talent pool. Despite their best efforts, the client’s internal talent acquisition team struggled to fill the position. Two different contingency firms were brought in to assist, but with no success. By the time the client contacted Miramar, the role had been open for over a year. It became critical to the growth of the business to fill the role with top quality talent.


We worked closely with the client to identify the critical components they were seeking in the role and what adjacent skill sets and markets they would consider viable. We then conducted an extensive market mapping exercise on the competitive landscape and geography to identify the most robust talent pools we should explore. We presented and gained buy-in with the client on a comprehensive search strategy that addressed their needs and served to ensure focus as the search progressed.

Using our technology platform with the client to assure speed and accuracy, we simultaneously leveraged our talent network and utilised a compelling Employer Value Proposition based outbound campaign to attract the strongest pool of candidates. As a representative of our client Company, we actively managed the candidate experience to ensure they remained engaged in the process and were on call 24/7 to address any questions or concerns.


  • Within 31 days a short list of candidates was produced
  • Within 41 days, candidates were screened and interviewed with key stakeholders
  • The candidate was provided and officially accepted a written offer 62 days after the search commenced.

This position had been open for over a year; the client was pleased at the speed, thoroughness and active candidate engagement of Miramar to provide a top talent and diverse hire that met their expectations and has the bandwidth to grow within the company.

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Downstream Petroleum Company, Head of Supply & Sourcing (Netherlands)

Sector: Natural Resources
Location: Netherlands


This downstream petroleum company operating across Africa with European headquarters was experiencing some rapid growth and following our successful build-out of their senior finance team, Miramar was retained to onboard a senior leader within their group supply & marketing function to maximize value within the supply channels throughout Africa. This was a new role for the company.


Due to the new nature of the role and the relevant ambiguity regarding location, this involved Miramar adopting a search across EMEA centring on both trading and supply talent. A critical component was supporting the company to analyse whether direct product experience should be a requirement over and above experience in the region. This involved close working with the internal stakeholders to ensure alignment about what the business wanted to achieve through the hire, in particular, the focus on supply strategy and trading.


  • The company was able to accurately assess the talent pool for such a role both in Africa and in Europe
  • The successfully hire was onboarded with relevant trading ability and personality to be harmonious with the fast-moving, agile nature of the business

This hire was instrumental in the building out of the African supply hub to maximise shareholder value, whilst maintaining (and enhancing) stakeholder relationships

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Multiple Hires – Continuous Improvement Project (France, Germany)

Sector: Advanced Manufacturing & Natural Resources
Location: France, Germany


The client, a global privately owned agricultural and food production firm completed a Continuous Improvement programme across one of its business units that consisted of four operational hubs across Europe. This led the senior leadership to review the current management structure they had in play on these sites as well as supplement the current leadership teams. In total this was eleven live senior mandates across maintenance, production, EHS and Manufacturing in two countries and four production sites.


The remote location and restricted candidate pool (on some positions) required Miramar to conduct a genuinely global search looking to qualify, interview and expatriate several high performing candidates from locations such as Brazil, Morocco and Tunisia.

Due to the volume of hires, the strategy was centred on a combination of quality and quantity to achieve the successful outcome the client desired.


  • Shortlist completed on all 11 mandates, with an auxiliary hire selected from high calibre candidates
  • Market representation of the brand across Europe with over 1000 candidates approached
  • Abundance of relevant market data for the client on salary, package, availability, competition

The complex nature of the project aligned with the solutions driven by Miramar have led the senior stakeholders and internal talent teams to review how they source a project of this scale in future.

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World leading ‘Supermajor’ Oil Company, Future Leaders Project (Paris/Africa)

Sector: Natural Resources
Location: Paris, Morocco, Nigeria, Egypt


One of the world’s leading supermajor oil companies introduced internal talent initiatives across Africa designed to promote diversity within the local management teams by 2020. In parallel with these schemes, our client established a “future leaders” program across Africa to promote local high-potential women. Miramar was selected to augment this programme with additional appointments.


The project plan involved a multi-disciplinary and multi-industry approach targeting the top 100 female African high-potential talent across the African continent but with a specific focus on Moroccan, Egyptian and Nigerian nationals.


  • Five weeks to achieve shortlist of five qualified high-potential candidates all sourced from analogous industries (Finance, Pharma, Telecoms, Oil & Gas) across Africa (12 countries targeted)
  • Invaluable market branding for the client, demonstrating their willingness to break away from the previously outdated model of hiring from outside Africa and shifting to a model of developing high-potential local talent