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APAC Operations Director, Global Specialty Chemicals Company


Our client, a global specialty chemical company that helps create innovative formulations for consumers and industrial markets, needed a critical hire based in Shanghai, China to manage their plant operations in 4 locations while reporting to the HQ in the U.S. The ideal candidate would have experience working for Western corporations in a role requiring global stakeholder engagement and driving strategic and consistent standardization and processes. They must develop programs to improve safety, enhance customer focus, and implement the most effective technologies at lowest manufacturing cost to enable sustainable growth in the region. This individual would ideally speak fluent English and Mandarin to be able to support and influence in both environments effectively.



Our solution began with focus on the Western chemical and specialty chemical businesses that were based in China. To ensure full coverage of potential talent, we researched pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses, as this area is buoyant with strong operations talent. The role was perceived as a highly sought after opportunity to the market, but there was limited talent available with the relevant criteria. The market for an ideal candidate was restricted, which required us to think creatively and approach candidates who qualified for most of the criteria but potentially lacked in other areas. This solution provided a clear view of the talent options in the specialty chemical market across China, including both expat and local talent.



Our team were able to identify 6 profiles from our search strategy criteria, ultimately finding the ideal candidate who was in many ways the “perfect profile” our Client had asked for among the 160+ identified potential candidates. Our candidate came from the specialty chemicals industry, was a local talent based in the southern part of China and spoke fluent English and Mandarin. His experience also fitted all relevant skill sets required, as well as being an excellent cultural fit with the business.

The search was an enormous success, which was made possible through various screenings on Miramar’s side and maintaining close interactions with the client on market information and insights.

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Country General Manager, Biotechnology


Our client, a leading biotechnology startup focusing on diagnostics and cancer, made a significant investment to acquire another biotech startup in Bangkok which required a seasoned Country General Manager. This individual had to be capable of reigniting the commercial team and improving morale to drive the business growth, profitability, and market share by developing and executing strategies that align with our client’s overall objectives. Furthermore, this General Manager needed to complete a talent assessment, build new capabilities in the team, and develop a mature, comprehensive commercial strategy to scale the business.



Miramar Global’s proven track record of helping MedTech startups hire leaders that transform, and scale businesses initially attracted our client. We created a bespoke search strategy to identify leadership with the correct experience within select markets. Our team mapped business leaders who oversaw P&L responsibilities across vitro diagnostics, next-generation sequencing, oncology, and life sciences sectors. After developing a custom assessment process to evaluate potential candidates’ capabilities, we respected the client’s key success criteria and built a creative and tailored messaging campaign to attract the highest caliber talent.



A detailed analysis of general management leadership talent within competitive and partner ecosystems was conducted and presented to our client. 4 shortlisted candidates were delivered for consideration within three weeks of launch, after having identified over 130 prospective candidates and conducting over 60 conversations. Within eight weeks of launch, a successful placement had been made—a data-driven decision, informed by a clear and detailed picture of the marketplace.

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Global Account Transformation (USA, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, & UK)


Miramar was hired by a $2.5 billion global IT Services provider to transform their EMEA and US global account leadership and recruit leaders for key accounts, including Deutsche Telekom, Novartis, Santander, UBS, and Volkswagen. With the company transitioning to a service-focused portfolio, there was a need for commercial leaders skilled at selling a broader range of services to target customers. Emphasis was placed on recruiting sales talent from systems integrators, consultancies, and outsourcing firms, known for their customer-centric approach.

The company sought leaders for regional business units and Global Account Directors capable of building strong relationships with major accounts.



Miramar conducted a global search for leadership talent within their direct competition. In addition, Miramar identified global account leaders in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and the US, who were responsible for Deutsche Telekom, Novartis, Santander, UBS, and Volkswagen.

Following successful identification, engagement and assessment, Miramar used its existing network to soft reference the leading candidates within the target customer base.

The structure of the project was to hire regional leaders followed by Global Account Leaders in the relevant geographies.



The results of the executive search process included the hiring of Vice Presidents to lead the EMEA and US regions.

Additionally, Global Account Directors were successfully recruited to oversee accounts such as Deutsche Telekom, Novartis, Santander, UBS, and Volkswagen.

Furthermore, the project yielded valuable competitor and customer intelligence, providing insight into how customers perceived the business and the success of competitors within the target accounts.

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Global Account Director, Global Telecommunications Provider


Miramar was retained by a $23 billion telecommunications company to hire a strategic sales leader to lead sales across customer groups & operating companies.

The account was worth several hundred €million. As a result, they needed to hire an individual who was highly regarded by the customer, could have an immediate commercial impact, and is strategically influences relationships.



Miramar proposed a solution that engaged the client’s CTO community in a feed-forward session to define a profile that would engage them in future topics.

The process involved Miramar speaking to the Group CTO and OpCo CTOs to define the profile required. Miramar then mapped the talent market accordingly to this feedback, proactively approaching the account leaders within competitor and complimentary businesses to our Client.

Additionally, the profiles identified were soft referenced with our client’s Leadership Team to test acceptance.



Miramar successfully addressed the challenges, and the results were notable. The hire was approved and pre-endorsed by the client, providing valuable insights into Vodafone’s perception of the business and competitor success within the business’s ecosystem.

Miramar compiled a shortlist of candidates within four weeks with efficiency and effectiveness in meeting our client’s needs.


Head of Innovation, European Listed Speciality Chemicals

The challenge

Miramar was retained by a global market leader in specialty chemicals to recruit their new Global Head of Innovation Portfolio. Following an internal transformation, this newly created position would be expected to play a pivotal role in globally integrating the innovation strategy, accelerating execution, and ensuring a better alignment with the business’s strategic objectives. The challenge was to find a profile with the right blend of technical depth and commercial expertise, that could effectively partner with the business leadership team in developing the global growth strategy and delivering on the key initiatives.


The solution

We were looking for a technical expert in plastics, additives, adhesives, or coatings, our approach to market targeted all chemicals companies active in this space with R&D/ Innovation centers in Europe. From a geography standpoint, we prioritized Germany and Switzerland as key markets as these were the preferred locations where the profile should be based. We then gradually extended our reach to source exceptional candidates regardless of location who could consider a move to the aforementioned countries.



After engaging with more than 100 candidates at various levels of expertise, Miramar presented a strong shortlist of 6 profiles with excellent technical credentials and the commercial expertise required for the role. Client interviews were completed, and an offer was made 11 weeks from the start of the mandate (over the Christmas period). The candidate was in position within one month of the contract signature.

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Senior Technology Manager, Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) and Hydrogen | Leading Chemicals Organisation


Miramar was retained by a global petrochemical manufacturer to appoint a Senior Technology Manager, Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) and Hydrogen. Focused heavily on polyethylene and polypropylene production, the client has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. This position was created to assist the CCS Hydrogen team from both a technical and commercial perspective in the development and implementation of decarbonisation roadmaps across the organisation’s sites. The role was situated within the R&D organisation and would be reporting to the Director of Sustainability and Chemistry. The challenge was to find a candidate who was not just a technologist with tangible CCS & Hydrogen project experience, but one who also possessed the commercial acumen and the influencing “soft skills” required to ensure the creation of CCS/Hydrogen roadmaps, as well as their adoption and implementation.


CCS and Hydrogen are relatively new technologies being adopted by the industry in their decarbonisation initiatives. This is especially true in European markets, where this position was to be based. As such, we began by executing a comprehensive analysis of the talent market to determine what the talent realities were, and where this talent was clustered. We determined that relevant talent could be found in two groups:

  1. 1. Those that were part of start-up organizations where they were focused primarily in R&D work
  2. 2. Those that were part of large, multinational manufacturers, similar to our client, where they were leading decarbonization initiatives


While technical expertise was fundamental to the role, it was paramount to our client that the candidate had successful experience navigating complex, matrixed organizations. As such, we targeted candidates in the latter group.


This focus enabled us to identify 84 relevant profiles, primarily based in continental Europe. We assessed candidates on our client’s criteria as well as market standards and were able to produce a shortlist of six diverse candidates. The client deemed three as strong potential candidates and moved to offer their first choice. The first choice was an international candidate, and we assisted the client with the unique challenges that accompany recruiting internationally. The candidate accepted the client’s offer and has since joined the organization, where she has been highly successful in achieving tangible progress in their decarbonisation roadmaps. Additionally, the market research we collected over the course of the search has been used by the client as they determine if, and how, they can expand their CCS & Hydrogen teams.