Behavioural Profiling

Modern neuroscience is changing how we think about human development. As a leading people and advisory firm, we partner with our clients to help them develop talent strategies that are sustainable and of the highest quality.

Most search processes tend to focus onĀ eligibility but adding techniques to assesĀ suitability have been a far better predictor of long term success.

PRISM Brain Mapping is a well-validated instrument that specifically measures a candidate’s behavioural preferences, how much they try to adapt from their natural preferences at work, and the differences between those and what you might see as critical for excellence.

What Miramar Can Offer

Enhanced Search

Using a blend of our expertise, executive coaching and leading profiling instruments like PRISM to better predict the level of fit and alignment between client and candidate. Adding behavioural profiling can improve predictability factors by 50%.

1st 6 Months Career Transition Coaching For Successful Candidates

Access to leading career coaching faculty that combines disciplines of neural and behavioural science to help individuals to help individuals clarify intention, prepare for different mandates, raise self awareness and maximise impact.

Career Management For Groups

Help your people self-drive with workshops based on a robust model of career management. Using the latest career research and findings from neuroscience, people will understand how to build networks, learn to collaborate and explore options that future-proof them in a changing world. Increases engagement, makes work allocation and job design easier and reduces the onus on HR to direct people centrally.

The Science of Influence and Trust

We’re all in sales now, whether our “client” is a client, colleague or other. The skill is to build muscle mass in gaining trust and influence. Again, neuroscience has provided frameworks for understanding how to deepen client relationships, and adapt your behaviour to clients preferences rather than your own. Based on highly interactive workshop sessions that are short (2-3 hours) and repeated monthly for up to 6 months to create trust and open sharing in the group and embed learning.

Individual Executive Coaching

Offering access to leading exec coaches in the UK, MENU and Asia having training with some of the world’s leading neuroscientists, psychologists and behavioural experts. The major issue with any form of development is that practises do not stick. Bad habits and old behaviour often quickly return and therefore the investment does not always create sustained behavioural change. Based on the very latest research and using diagnostic technologies from the fields of neuroscience, neuroplasticity and neuroeconomics, these coaching protocols embed results and behaviour for individuals and corporates in the areas of:

  • Sustained behavioural change
  • Impact of business (ROI)
  • Well being and stress reduction
  • Greater self awareness and mindfulness

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