• Expect more from executive search

    Miramar source and secure the best talent from around the world.

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  • Trust our cutting edge technology platform

    Our executive search process runs on the latest technology, giving you visibility of our process, every step of the way.

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  • Local knowledge on a global scale

    As a team with experience of partnering with international businesses, our people know how to apply local, bespoke knowledge, no matter where our clients are in the world.

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We specialise in

Miramar partners with global organisations to support the acquisition of executive leadership, using our extensive knowledge of the telecoms, media and technology sector. Whether you need leadership to direct Big Data and Cloud solutions, or help identifying real market opportunity in the Internet of Things, our Directors and executive search Consultants will build you an executive team to deliver success.

Our energy practice understands the trends and challenges that effect the energy sector. Finding executive leadership that can withstand the political and regulatory challenges of this sector is essential to ensuring your business continues to grow and run at peak effectiveness.

Industrial is a sector that has significant overlap and impact with other sector Practices at Miramar, with Life Sciences and Technology being particularly key. The primary sectors that we serve within industrial are:


Industrial products
Chemicals and Performance Materials
Flavours & Fragrances and Functional Ingredients

Our life sciences practice provides pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies with the talent they need to build transformational leadership teams. Miramar works closely with their clients to help them recruit senior executives to deliver success in the face of significant healthcare and regulatory challenges.

Research-led executive search

Our in-house research team help us to deliver market analysis and competitive intelligence, along with effective strategies that truly provide real-world business solutions. This fuels our six step recruitment process, which runs through a totally transparent and streamlined online workspace, giving individuals as much or as little control as they want.

The technology fuelling executive search

Benefit from the control of a truly transparent way of working

When you’ve experienced the way we work and the data-driven results we will provide, you won’t consider returning to traditional hiring processes. We identify and appoint executives from all over the world, who will support the empowerment and diversification of your executive team. The most appropriate executives for your leadership requirement will be presented through our online workspace, where you can engage as much or as little as you’d like with our process. From initially identifying executives to facilitating interviews, feedback and onboarding, our intuitive technology will bring transparency, efficiency and control to executive search.

  • 100% transparent
  • Receive live updates
  • Real-time access and engagement
  • Interact with the hiring process through a single platform

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A winning formula

  • Keep track of your executive search

    Our tried and tested 6 step process

    Miramar’s teams of experts have refined the executive search process into 6 steps. Our proven methods combine research with in depth knowledge of our sector practices, and is transparently displayed with state of the art workspace sharing technology.

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    • 1. Briefing & Planning
    • 2. Research & Go
    • 3. Candidate Interviews
    • 4. Client Interviews
    • 5. Closing Process
    • 6. Notice Period

A winning combination

3 Great Reasons to Work with Us

  • 1. Transparency

    You’ll be able to see our progress every step of the way. Our methods are truly transparent, which means you’ll know exactly what we’re doing at each stage of the executive search. You can choose to log into your bespoke portal at any time, and keep track of the workflow at any point throughout the executive research and acquisition process.

  • 2. Efficiency

    Our team works closely with you to define the most effective executive search strategy. The combination of our expertise, technology platform, rigorous process and partnership with your business ensures success. The efficiency of our service provides a streamlined executive search experience that positively impacts the speed and ease at which your leadership positions are filled.

  • 3. Control

    With state of the art online workspace technology, you can stay in control of our research-led executive search process, with real-time reporting, regularly updated lists and instant feedback. We can bring clarity and control to the process of finding standout people for your leadership team.